The Mobile version can go to to get a better experience.


Click the right-up button to listen to the puzzle: a targeted sound you should interact with the scene objects to reproduce.

and if you make it right, the progress bar will grow and fill, then click the up-right button to go to the next level.

The right-down button is a skip level for debugging and test, it's no needed for the game, but you can use it to pass the level.

It's just an exercise to combine the web audio, render, and interaction, but I can see a vast variety of puzzles and future level design - which has almost infinite possibilities that are beneficiary of this generosity of the sound universe.

Hope you get fun in it.

Zitao Ye


A sound puzzle web game based on Tone.js and  Pixi.js  by Zitaoye

the JavaScript Systematic Music tutorial and How Generative Music Works by 

and the Nicky Case game source code structure is really inspiring for me as a web development starter 

It's really related to Brian Eno's talks 生成性音乐 Generative Music and the Ableton Live Learning Synth  interactive tutorial. 

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